Lead Consultant

Projet : Youth Skills Development for Entrepreneurship and Employment

Durée : 11 w.d Date de publication : 21/12/2017
Pays : Sierra Leone Date soumission CV : 12/01/2018
Prestation : Court terme Date de démarrage : 20/04/2018

Profil demandé :

The proposed Lead Consultant shall be highly qualified and experienced in project management and in at least one or more of the following skills: youth development for employment, career guidance and job readiness program or entrepreneurship development. The minimum requirements regarding professional education are defined below. In order to fulfil the obligations under this assignment, s/he shall have a mandate from the Consulting Firm to represent the Firm, in full capacity, in all contractual matters and shall have a degree of autonomy such that the proper performance of the services can be carried out without any unreasonable delays from the obligation to consult his/her Head Office.
Beside the normal duties as Lead Consultant, s/he will be expected to stay in permanent close contact with all parties concerned, keeping them informed on progress and problems encountered. S/He should be proactive-able to foresee any difficulties which might arise well ahead of time so as to enable all parties to evaluate solutions destined to avoid delays as well as unnecessary cost increases. The Lead Consultant will be responsible for liaising with the Project Implementation Unit at the National Youth Commission of Sierra Leone, the administration and supervision of his/her own team and prepare project management deliverables as required by the Terms of Reference.
Lead Consultant's Roles and responsibilities:
• Be responsible for overall implementation of the assignment and fulfilment of the reporting requirements;
• Organises and facilitates consultation of key stakeholders on the vision and mission of the Assignment;
• Facilitate dialogue with stakeholders to finalise the work plan for skills development for employment, career guidance and job readiness program and graduate entrepreneurship program components of the Sierra Leone YEEP;
• Share experience with the Steering Committee on the progress of the programme and its success;
• Oversee work of the other Consultants/Experts and non-key experts;
• Determine the scope of work and schedule for all the activities;
• Develop monitoring and evaluation framework to be used for all activities;
• Any other work related to the assignment as may be reasonably requested by the Project Manager.
• University master's degree in the field of project management, Business, Statistics, Computer/ICT, Entrepreneurship, Social Sciences, Communication or closely related areas;
• Minimum of Ten years’ Experience in, project management and in at least one of the following: skills development for employment, career guidance and job readiness program, and entrepreneurship development;
• Demonstrable experience in designing and delivering business support training to youth audiences, including youth entrepreneurs  and fresh graduates;
• Have experience with transfer of knowledge, participatory approaches and/or facilitation;
• Excellent knowledge of current trends, opportunities and challenges in relation to skills development for employment, career guidance job readiness, and entrepreneurship development in Sierra Leone or similar countries in transition, including an understanding of both youth and private sector needs;
• Proficient in use of Microsoft Office Suite, or any other like-minded suite/tool(s) and internet services.

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Responsable :

Kabil Sdiri ; Senior Project Manager;  Kabil.sdiri@ccm-cg.com
Latifa Ayari; Project Manager ; latifa.ayari@ccm-cg.com

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