Expert VET

Projet : Assessing financial credibility of strategies in VET and / or employment: design and delivery of a two-day training course for ETF staff

Durée : 14 w.d Date de publication : 08/01/2018
Pays : Italie Date soumission CV : 11/01/2018
Prestation : Court terme Date de démarrage : 01/02/2018

Profil demandé :

ETF requests CVs of international experts of Category III (over 10 years’ experience)
CVs received that fulfil these basic requirements will be assessed according to the following criteria:
 Excellent knowledge of budget planning including costing methods, and/or public finance management (PFM) issues, proven by academic background in economics/finance and/or hands-on expertise in the financial aspects of policy design, implementation or evaluation.
 Expertise in skills development, and/or Education, and/or VET and/or Employment, acquired through direct involvement or indirect exposure to the sector/s.
 Relevant expertise in monitoring and evaluation of reform policies / strategies or international projects / programmes evidenced by an active role in M&E exercises.
 Knowledge of EU financial assistance tools evidenced by involvement in EU projects / programmes / budget support.
 Excellent communication / training skills evidenced by a list of trainings and / or public interventions delivered and / or samples of pedagogical support developed.
 English – level C1
 Knowledge of ETF partner countries

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Responsable :

Marwen Chawali: Sénior Project Manager:
Ines Hadjali : FWC Director :

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