Policy Analyst

Projet : Skills Development Formulation Study

Durée : 3 Months Date de publication : 12/09/2018
Pays : Zambia Date soumission CV : 17/09/2018
Prestation : Court terme Date de démarrage : 10/10/2018

Profil demandé :

• at least Master's degree in technical and vocational education studies,development studies, social sciences or any other relevant field. In the absence of a Master's degree, the experts must have at least 8 years of experience in the sector of skills development.
• at least 6 years of experience in the sector of skills development.
• Language skills: Native English speaker or equivalent level.
• Key experts should collectively have proven expertise in/knowledge of TEVET sector reviews/assessments and sector reforms;
· designing and/or implementation of TEVET support programmes;
· Preparing TEVET-related policies and legislation;
· TEVET information management systems;
· European Development Fund (EDF) implementation modalities and procedures;
· workshop planning and coordination, report writing, field activity coordination.
• Knowledge and experience of vocational education systems in Zambia would be an advantage.
• Knowledge of a local language would also represent an advantage.
One of the experts will act as a Team Leader.
• The expert acting as a team leader shall have the following specific experience in:
· project formulation and coordination, and
· minimum of 3 projects as a Team Leader, out of which at least 2 formulation studies for projects above 5 mil. Euros.
• Management team member presence required or not for briefing and/or debriefing : Not required.

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Responsable :

Salima Elgharbi: Sénior Project Manager : salima.elgharbi@ccm-cg.com
Ines Hadjali: FWC Director : ines.hadjali@ccm-cg.com 

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