Team Leader: Integrated Border Management (IBM)

Projet : Preparation of a twinning fiche for the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus

Durée : 6 Months Date de publication : 05/11/2018
Pays : Belarus Date soumission CV : 08/11/2018
Prestation : Court terme Date de démarrage : 15/01/2019

Profil demandé :

General Experience
•  at least 12 years general experience in the sector 4 (migration, in particular irregular migration and trafficking in human beings, improving capacity of government in areas such as border management, addressing irregular migration) of the Lot
•  Graduate of a Border/Coast Guard Academy or a Border Police institute, or at least Master's Degree in a field relevant for the activities of border management, or, in its absenqe, at least 5 additional years of general professional experience on top of the 12 required under general professional experience
Experience in the team
• Expertise in different aspects of Integrated Border Management such as but not limited to border management operations, search & rescue operations, risk analysis, inter-agency / international cooperation
• Expertise in the area of Integr-ated Border Management in the EU (at the lever of member states and/or EU)
• Expertise in implementing EU fi.mded projects and working with the logical framework matrix approach
• Knowledge of the specifies of Belarus and/or other countries of the Eastern Partnership
• Knowledge of the Twinning instrument (including Twinning Manual).
Language skills
• The team must be fluent in English and Russian

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Responsable :

Siwar Hmedi: Project Manager:
Ines Hadjali : FWC Director: 

Référence CCM : 


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